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Fire Up Your Real Estate Listings

360 sensomedia | Fire Up Your Real Estate - Digital Marketing
360 sensomedia | Fire Up Your Real Estate - Digital Marketing

I In the business world, it is necessary to consider some practical tips that can boost your real estate listing. With this, you can have a successful interaction with clients for a positive first impression.

1. Creating an infographic

An info-graphic is a great marketing element. This presentation should have your listing’s best features. It is very important that this artwork is attractive and clear, without an overwhelming amount of text but enough to have the property´s basic information. Consider not placing price, but more of a call to action to have the person contact you directly about the listing. Your info-graphic should make it easy for the person to learn about your listings and its surroundings. We recommend using blue color tones as this generates remembrance.

2. Photography

Your listings should have the best pictures, it is the first thing clients will see when searching for homes, therefore you should invest in having high quality images. There should be a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to quality photography. For example, make sure you have the right focal length, head on images, no misaligned horizon lines or much less blurred, and adequate lighting. Focus on staging the property to appeal to future buyers and stay away from filters. The person should expect the listing to look the same in person as they see in the photos in your listings. Keep in mind the details and elements that appeal to the audience you are targeting. For example, the sequence of photos should display the property’s highlights like the pool, backyard, master bed/bath, or any other spaces that make it a juicy deal.

3. Videography

People want to see images come to life and videos have become a powerful tool to show clients what they can expect to see without physically being present at the property. When filming videos of properties, make sure you fully understand your client’s priorities and needs, such as their desired metropolitan area. That way, you can capture the clients interests on camera to showcase how your listings fit their vision. If a person wishes to live in a reserved property, be creative! Consider using a drone to showcase the area around the property and add new angles to your video. If easy medical access, or close proximity to a shopping center is in the client’s “wish list,” add videos of these localities to your video.

When dealing with clients, think about how you would like to see properties presented. Your info-graphics and designs should have your professional headshots. In these, you should be smiling and portraying confidence. At the end of the day, potential clients work with people, not a salesperson. So, be approachable in all your media efforts. Remember, digital marketing is very important in today’s market. Publish your listings with the best content and fire up your sales!

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