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How to Create a Content Strategy that Connects with Your Audience

How to create a content strategy | 360 Sensomedia

I In today’s era, creating content can be time-consuming and confusing due to the high volume of content out there. Therefore, you probably get confused and do not know how to create a content strategy for your business venture.

Yet, you can still differentiate yourself and the ways you transmit ideas. It is particularly important that your business or personal brand has a unique voice that connects with your audience. In this article we will show you how to create a content strategy that speaks to your viewers.
Como crear una estrategia de contenido

All you need to do is get to know your audience. Why did they follow or connect with you? What solution does your business offer? Are you showcasing your expertise to them? Who is your ideal client?

Let us shuffle through some ways you can create content for digital marketing strategies.


“One image says more than a thousand words.” This is a powerful saying that has stood the test of time. All of us have the tools to take great photos. No, phones will not generate high-end print-ready photos; but they will generate amazing photos to share in your digital channels. 

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Here are some of the items we believe every business owner, entrepreneur, and digital creator should have to take great photos:

For more professional, high-end content, you will need to invest in equipment like a DSLR camera, professional lenses, and light sets.


Plus, you have a lot of applications that can edit these photos to a high degree. Here are some of our favorite options:

Think about it, taking a photo takes as long as pulling out your phone and snap! Look at your daily routine and take every chance to generate images for digital marketing strategies.


Attention spans are extremely short and getting shorter as you read this. The first 3 to 5 seconds a person sees your content are KEY. Today, we know that video is an amazing way to portray ideas, and there are numerous ways to create compelling videos.

You are NOT limited to having a $10K set up to generate 4K quality video. In fact, most phones today can record 4K video at a high frame rate. Just like photos, all it takes is pulling out your phone, place it on a tripod, and start recording. You could go the extra mile and create a scenario for your video, which always impacts people on the other side of the screen.

360 Sensomedia | Creative Agency in Orlando, Florida

Here are some of the apps we recommend for editing your videos quickly:

Finally, you want to look and sound professional? Here is a list of our recommended, cost-effective equipment to increase the production value of your phone videos: 

For more professional, high-end video, you will need to look into DSLRs or even film cameras. But, this is only needed at the point where you absolutely need high-end content. In the mean time, your phone can take you a long way.

Graphic Design

The world of graphic and brand design is quite extensive. You can use these techniques to build a brand style guide, which can help you create that consistent look that will help your viewers remember you.

For example, when you see a drawing of a bitten apple or the slanted checkmark, what do you think about? Oh Yes, Apple and Nike! This is the reason why you need to create a design ecosystem for your business or personal brand.

360 Sensomedia | Creative Agency in Orlando, Florida

Here are some tools that will help you economize the time spent designing:

Those are our keys to creating content a content strategy that connects with your audience. It is important that you create systems to allow you to economize time and repurpose content to all your digital channels. Then, it will be easier to focus on growing your business.

Contact our team of experts today to guide you to create content for digital marketing.

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