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Y Yoga Under the Stars is a monthly all-levels-welcome yoga class led by @AcroSarah, a local yoga instructor who focuses on instilling self-esteem and mindfulness in children, teens, and adults. Held in Orlando, FL at Orlando Brewing, this event has been bringing together the Orlando community for about 2 years to enjoy yoga, friends, and craft beer.

The event starts around 7 pm, and is guided by Sarah’s fun, engaging instructions and upbeat, zen music. Those who attend will get a beautiful view of the sunset, and get to take in the stars above while in their final resting pose, savasana.

360 sensomedia | Yoga Under the Stars Digital Marketing

If you are new to yoga, don’t worry! There will be people demonstrating the flow around the event

Participants must bring their own mats, and the event’s $12 admission fee will earn you a spot and a complimentary beer (which is organic by the way!). After yoga, those who attended are welcome to stay and enjoy live music, food trucks, and even more beer.

Yoga Under the Stars occurs every third Friday of each month, and if you are in the Orlando area and would like to attend it yourself, you can purchase tickets here.

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Article written by Ashley Brown

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