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December 2019
Work Done
Brand Development, Web Design, Content Creation (photo, video, blogs), and social media management/growth
RAL DENT Estética y Salud Dental
360 sensomedia | Marketing & Branding Agency

R RAL DENT is a group of professionals dedicated to dental health and giving you that smile you always wanted.

They are exclusively dedicated to improving the quality of life of patients through aesthetic dentistry. Passionate about excellence and professionalism drives their practice. They only deliver high-quality, lasting results.

01. Their Challenge, Our Solution

A As a new business, RAL DENT was faced with the challenge of building their digital infrastructure from scratch. This allowed us to develop a simple, concrete strategy to launch their business in Bogota, Colombia.

Nevertheless, their market is not constrained by borders (before COVID crisis). Colombia is known as the #2 medical tourism destination in the world. Therefore, we created local and global strategies to boost their online presence.

02. Work Performed

RAL DENT already had a solid brand, so we could focus on developing their brand ecosystem. We started by creating consistent design concepts that could be used for their website, social media, stationary items, and advertising.

360 sensomedia | Marketing & Branding Agency

Then, our production team took a trip to Bogota, Colombia to shoot their first video series. We produced a dazzling awareness video, which motivated them to create a full video series for social media. These videos had the mission to educate viewers about dentistry and keep them in touch with their oral health.

The team at RAL DENT is a great example of business owners who want to do things differently and innovate. In a month, we were able to film this series and work with local influencers. This proved to be very profitable for their business because each post these influencers made brough new visitors and interested clients to the clinic.

After approval of the final pieces, we built a simple website landing page where to showcase their expertise and services. This page is packed with visually striking content like videos and photos. Also, to educate people about the work performed in the clinic, we carefully crafted blogs and case studies. These will help build trust in their audience and boost their SEO strategy.

Finally, we implemented a budget-friendly advertising strategy to bring their business to more potential patients. These ad campaigns had a positive impact on their social media growth, website visibility, and, most importantly, lead generation.

03. Results

After only 1 month of advertising with a budget of $250, the brand received tangible returns to their investment. In fact, RAL DENT was able to generate 44 leads and 300+ new followers in a period of 1 month. This is only the first step, we will keep this case updated as we modify this project to fit the current crisis and achieve new results.

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