A Positive Immigrant Experience

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July 2020
Work Done
Brand redesign, Web Redesign, and SEO Optimization
Terra Lawyer
360 sensomedia | Marketing & Branding Agency

T Terra Immigration Partners is a law firm located in Orlando, Florida. Their immigration lawyers serve clients from all over the world with great passion and determination. Their clients are businesses, investors, individuals, and families that want representation by reliable and experienced attorneys.

Terra Immigration was founded by immigrants. With a diverse professional background, they help provide clients with a more positive immigration experience. They love helping people and love their profession.

01. Their Challenge, Our Solution

O One of the main challenges a small business has is consolidating all their communication channels and branding message.

First, Terra Lawyer wanted a brand that transmitted a message of professionalism and trust, key components for law services. So, our design team dived deeper into the company’s culture, clients, services, and mission to create something unique.

Moreover, they had built a website that was not generating the right return on investment or qualifying leads. Therefore, there needed to be work on some key components like page responsiveness, loading speed, content structure and UX design.

Our solutions focused on creating a unique brand and optimizing the website to serve as a lead generation tool for the Terra Lawyer team. Most of the work on this case was based on refreshing the brand image, optimizing the distribution of the content, fixing broken or nonexistent links, improving page speed, and optimizing each language used for the target audience.

Performing these changes helps the business to have authority and relevance when potential leads are looking for an immigration lawyer in Orlando, Florida.

02. Worked Performed

Our star designers took the Terra Lawyer brand and gave it a 180° spin across the board. New icon, font families, and color palettes that transmit that message we are looking for.

360 sensomedia | Marketing & Branding Agency

Using the current WordPress template, our web design team restructured the page. This gave us a cleaner look, focus on ways to contact, and clear distribution of content.

360 sensomedia | Marketing & Branding Agency

We could not forget about the website responsiveness to mobile devices.

360 sensomedia | Marketing & Branding Agency

After all the structural changes had been made, we proceeded to optimize the SEO and metadata of the website. This was done with the help of the Terra Lawyer team. They helped us understand their client base and keywords that are relevant to their searches.

03. Tangible Results

After running all the updates, Terra Lawyer has a great looking, modern, and functional website. This will help them capture and qualify leads. All it took is a true understanding of the company’s mission to bring the ideas to life. Now, we are still working to increase the ROI of the website as their business evolves. Stay tuned for more updates!

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